Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks / Racking Systems

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks / Racking Systems from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Storage goods are moved into pallet racking using a shuttle, a waggon or a sledge. The Shuttle's running on tracks enables a storage system with a significantly higher density, maximising the use of available space.

Shuttle racking reduces risk to warehouse employees, equipment, and the pallet racks themselves by eliminating the need for human operators to manoeuvre forklifts up and down aisles. It also saves time. The most significant applications for this kind of system are warehouses that often load and unload many pallets, such as cold storage, meat processing, food and beverage distribution, etc. It is not practical for distribution centres where there are several things housed in each pallet and along each lane.

In shuttle racking, a semi-automated shuttle device that travels on tracks below the beam level and can pick up and transfer a pallet along the rails is combined with high-density pallet racking. Pallets can either be delivered to the racking system by the shuttle carrier, or they can recover from the racking and be placed at the end of the route where the forklift can pick them up. You may significantly improve the number of pallet positions over systems like APR, push-back racking, and drive-in racking by constructing big blocks of high-density racking with almost no aisles. Space utilisation may be improved, one of the main advantages of shuttle racking. This is accomplished by having a complete grasp of the SKUs kept on hand, their velocity, and the use of the Shuttle to transfer pallets continuously to maximise capacity. Forklift travel distances are drastically decreased because the shuttle carrier handles the majority of the effort involved in loading or unloading the pallet from the racking system.

Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks / Racking Systems